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Ionian Explorers offer guided as well as self guided trips.

Our guided trips are daily  trips run under the guidance of our experienced and professional guides  and are α combination of adventure, exploration, swimming and snorkeling. 

Our self guided trips can be either daily or multi-day excursions.

The geography of our area is characterized by a great variety of small islands and islets which are  easily accessible by Kayak.  According to National Geographic Awards our area is among the 20 best destinations in the world, for sea kayaking.

You can explore isolated beaches,  uninhabited islands, explore caves, live in pure natural spaces, experience local food and  also meet the local culture. The  local weather system is predictable due to the local microclimate. During the morning hours the sea is lake like calm with no wind, and in the afternoon the mistral wind which is coming up from NW, is building up to cool down the hot temperatures.  


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